One World Observatory Parking

The One World Trade Center is a memorial, conference center, and high-end mall. 

Parking here is particularly scarce, like in the rest of Lower Manhattan. 

Reserve One World Observatory parking to avoid overpaying, getting ticketed, towed, or circling for a spot. 

This guide will assist you in navigating the parking lots near the One World Observatory. 

In the table below, we have compiled a few of the best deals so you can compare and find some cheap parking near One World Observatory for your visit. 

AddressPrice RangeDistance
25 Albany St.$23 for 3 hours0.23 miles
345 South End Ave.$30 for 3 hours0.21 miles
90 Water St.$34 for 4 hours0.63 miles
25 Albany St.$29 for 6 hours0.23 miles
18 Vesey St.$35 for 6 hours0.21 miles
70 Greenwich St.$32 for 12 hours0.38 miles
18 Vesey St$38 for 12 hours0.21 miles
Parking near One World Observatory

Parking on 9-11 Memorial Street

Parking on 9-11 Memorial Street
Image: Parkwhiz.com

Lower Manhattan is bounded on the north by Vesey Street, on the south by Liberty Street, on the east by Church Street, and on the west by West Street. 

Because of ongoing construction, parking and driving around the World Trade Center site are challenging.

ParkNYC parking is $4 per hour from 6 pm to midnight on weekdays and $7 per hour on weekends. 

Fees are higher during the day, and a pass is required.

There is no parking at the Memorial. In lower Manhattan, there needs to be more street parking. 

We strongly advise booking One World Observatory tickets in advance to compare rates and locations to ensure efficiency and the best One World Observatory parking option.

Lower Manhattan Parking Suggestions

Lower Manhattan Parking Suggestions
Image: Sergiy1975 / Getty images (Canva)

The Battery Parking Garage in Manhattan, which hosts the annual Tribute in Light installation, is located at 70 Greenwich Street. 

Reserve a parking space at the Battery Parking Garage beforehand.

81 Washington St. and 20 Morris St. are alternate entrances.

Parking at Newark Penn Station

Parking at Newark Penn Station
Image: Wikipedia.org

The train from Newark to lower Manhattan is quick and convenient.

Compare rates near the Newark station to save time and money.

Book your One World Observatory tickets online and reserve a parking space ahead to avoid the stress of finding a parking spot on the spot!

Parking at the Harrison PATH Station

Parking at the Harrison PATH Station
Image: Yelp.com

If you are driving from New Jersey or other western states, the Harrison PATH station is convenient to park in an adjacent parking facility and take PATH to the World Trade Center.

Parking at the Jersey City Newport PATH Station

Parking at the Jersey City Newport PATH Station
Image: Mapquest.com

It may be more convenient to park near the Newport PATH station and take the train to lower Manhattan if traveling from Jersey City.

Parking at the Journal Square PATH Station in Jersey City

Parking at the Journal Square PATH Station in Jersey City
Image: Yelp.com

Taking the train to One World Trade Center is an excellent choice.

See parking options near the Journal Square PATH station in Jersey City beforehand.

With some planning, you can find convenient and affordable parking near One World Observatory. 

Feature Image: Parking.com

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